Sailor Moon designs for Second Life (x)

First day playing PSO2 (kind of, I made an account awhile back with a character, but never played it)

I made a Dewman on Ship 2 named Yomi, she turned out quite nice

Furthermore, I met this boss ass person named Meguca in game who has a lot of stuff without spending any real monies; I also got invited to their team

Today was  a good day for a noob


\m/ Rock on! \m/

Outfit including glasses, guitar pick, guitar(s) and drumsticks by NS for Rock Attitude Fashion Fair.

Demon legs, horns, tail, and gauntlets by Niekra’s Dreams.

#blade & soul

Galax and her cat: Marie

Me (Junko) and my friend (Touko) rocking our new outfits

So I’ve been playing Mstar SEA A LOTTT and my friend started playing with me (Touko), so we met these people and then the chat ended up into this.


Look 015

Details, Prices, Stores & Locations:

Lizie Wardrobe

Why I use Second Life as a therapy tool…


I’m asked multiple times a week by followers and friends why I spend so much time on Second Life when I could be doing “other things”. I usually answer with “It’s a therapy tool for me”, but I never go into any depth. Recently I’ve had a lot of requests to do that, so I’ll explain myself.

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Kiyoun bought us matching maid outfits from the MP today <3

We keep getting asked for the link so I’ll give it to you guys too: CLICK HERE

It’s L$100 & comes with a 10-color HUD (so sweet & super cute colors!) and it also comes with the hair bow :)

#second life